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Finally the english version of the interview with Otehi made few months ago for our blog! Thanx to Albertonji for the awesome translation! Enjoy!!

Let’s start with one of those evergreens: How/when/where/why? Which band do you come from and where do you want to “go” with this combo? And, above all, wtf does it mean Otehi?

Here we are!! “Otehi” Project born in March 2011 in one of the many rehearsal studios in Rome. We come from Punk, Metal and psychedelic experimentation.
First approach among us was fulminating and immediately projected into Stoner and Jam Desert Rock bass and lysergic tones. We gave a name to the project: Otehi. We loved the idea of using a name with a message, a heavy sound, a visionary and ancient word and that could fit with a negative and hallucinated imaginary. For this reason we crashed into the Sioux people, Lakota language.
Otehi literally can be translated into:”hard times”, but pronouncing it had a much more spiritual worth. It was a dark age, a collective people period, a shamanic vision of evil.

First reviews of Noisy Spirit that circulate on the web were all very positive (fairly).
Therefore, this shows that it is enough to do a good job with passion or  it is necessary to be reccomended? The album is very powerful and at the same time "persuasive" (if I pass the word) and with a very DIY approach; fists and caresses (caresses from a hand of a stoned, but still caresses are) coexist very well in your sound ... Do you want to tell us about the planning/realization of Noisy Spirit?

We worked hard in the rehearsal room during the fifth month before Noisy Spirit. We wanted an album that contained part of the job, and we were able to obtain a suite that recalls an unconcept album.
The recording step was a full immersion of seven days in a summer session among the sun of the Valle d'Itria and the mixer and amplifiers of the study that we assembled for the '' ritual”. The self production in this case played a key role.
The sound of Noisy Spirit is very energetic. You can perceive the movement that has a direct drive, mixed then in a studio. Starting from Monolith & Monolith to Desert Rider the sound alternates between a dirty sound wall and “liquid” parts.
We loved this result and, even if the production is not among the best, we thought to send it anyway in the blog Stoner comunity that follow this genre. The opinion outside the band is important and self-promotion on the Web is essential for a self-produced project. It was very interesting that a cool band like us found space on the sites where good music it is advertised.
All of this can only due to a strong passion for their own work, both for the blogger and for the bands.

What are your main influences, not only speaking about music, and what is the imaginary in which the Otehi range? And, above all, what is the imaginary that you want to build! What do your lyrics talk about?

We follow and live deeply the heavy rock and the psychedelic old trends world, but also the contemporary sound experiments. We would like to make the Otehi a unique conceptual work, an overview of music, image and psychoacoustics research. We come from the theater, from the illustration, the painting, we work with images every day. We tend to give a show that goes to a ritual sound, as happened every time a sacred rite in ancient populations was celebrated. It was the sound that dictates the timing of movement in the representation. we strongly believe in Animists people. Some of us follow (as an object of study) Taoism and Shamanism.
Research of the vacuum and ''know thyself'', but also the natural/animal world that fascinates us, that wild kingdom that nowadays scaries the man.
Here! All of this, returned to high volumes, as may be those of the heavy Psych. “Noisy Spirit” is about a meeting between the man and his spirit guide who is lying on the ground tired of driving it towards the path, assigning it to remain in the dark. A really Otehi situation!
Situation that is repeated in “Savage Land”, where a shaman covers you with earth or in “Monolith & Monolith” where there is no hope; feeling, sadness, our life, visions… all enclosed into a monolith that is the body we inhabit.
Instead, “Desert Rider” carries the hope of a journey that can be faced even alone, you just need to really open your sensory perception.

How a city like Rome affects your music/lifes? Is it an Armed Robbery Rome?

Rome is an ancient city, an antiquity which can still be seen between the asphalt and smog, but it is also the cradle of the Vatican and the Government that continue to imprison the whole Italy.
With the only music you can not beat this system, and for this reason among the streets there is a fight with cobblestones against those who are obstructing the people's voice.
We live and work there, but as soon as we can, we run away to other places to get positive inspirations for our music.

How are you in the capital/national/worldwide scene? But, it still makes sense to talk about the scene or should we say how are you with those who follow the same music you do/listen?

Rome offers so many bands Stoner / Doom, and you can talk for sure about the scene, bands that we followed and that we are following, but our inclusion in the capital is still low. Many bands are linked together and mainly for this you can talk about the scene, which was built and that will expand (hopefully) year after year. Many clubs host live Stoner / Doom / Heavy Psych events, and is easy to see always the same'' fanatics''.
We aim to play little in “our” town, we believe in live events, uniques, well built, although sometimes we encounter many difficulties with the Roman Club.

Lately it seems that the doom / stoner (with the black metal) is the kind that more is renewing the metal through experimentation, flirting with other genres (sometimes a tad risky, but nothing ventured, nothing gained) and anything else ...What do you think? Do you feel more conservative or more forward-looking?

We believe that with the Stoner/Doom we really could reach high levels of Heavy Rock experimantations breaking away from the classic sound and adding elements of any type, you can see in each band a different sound, each of them with its own character.
It’s possible to do much more with this genre that arrives to strike anyone, psychedelic bass tones lovers and slow and heavy atmoshpere fanatics. We will follow this wide path that gives us the chance to play in any medium that stimulates listening, while for the black metal, except for few things, it’s better to remember north european classics!!!

Are there already future projects in the Otehi dockyard?

This EP stimulated us a lot. It’s coming a videoclip, and we are already building the full-lenght, and we have really a great desire to record Split Albums with Stoner-bands all over the world…if the would like to!!!

That’s all folks!!! The closure is yours and thank you so much for your availability!!!

Fellowship with Cosmic Swamp records was a honour for us.
Support underground projects of creation and the free distribution music!!


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