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English version of the interview with Agamotto done by Gon! Supertranslation by Elisa! Enjoy!!

(Agamotto logo designed by F!)

Let's start from the beginning: when and how was the Agamotto project born? And who are the Agamotto?

Singular or plural? Past or present? Casualty or free will? Agamotto is the result of certain events that lead to meeting, discussing, playing, recording and finding new questions in answers.
Agamotto is a quest. A supervision from a blurred point of view, a supervision without interferences. Observing and telling. It can be considered as a human Voyeur, who keeps wandering, without getting out of the car.

Were there particular influences that inspired you?

The limit imposed by mortality.

Listening to your first performance, it seems like a deeply intimate work, where ancestral sounds strike up inner journeys; is that what you want to communicate?

Our intent is to create sound landscapes, or, even better, situations in which soak in and move at  your own pleasure, but also at your own risk, because you are wandering in an alien environment, during an endless journey. A world shaped by a gaze turned to the Other. It never stays still, it never gives you the time to think. The journey, indeed, despite muscles are moving, is always inward.

I was impressed by the song's titles: can you tell us who all these characters and people are? And why do they voice the Agamotto?

Words contain a never-ending, undefinable matter, that allows us to mould relationships, opinions and our and others' ideas.Maybe a certain word to us has no particular meaning, except the object/creature/action that is associated with, while to other people moves emotional burdens that we can't even imagine. Words are subliminal. They can be different to everyone, but they are always subliminal.

What do you see through thre Eye of Agamotto?

A close-up of here and now, that increasingly broadens, becoming more and more comprehensive.

Thanks for your time; I'd like to know your concluding thoughts and further informations about a possible live performance.

We'd like to thank everyone that contributed to our record, such as books, records, comics, movies, paintings, animals and people that we have ever met and assimilated to become who we are now. Agamotto is and remains, by all means, a mutation. What changes is the point of view.  Although the eye remains untamed, body and mind are tied to the subconscious. But not the Eye, for it is the only one that's conscious. The chasm can see very well; we just go round and round, pretending not to see it.

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